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Day: 2 

So. I decided i couldnt deal wih the stress and i wouldnt get out of bed. Mum was really sad an angry.. At least i dont have to go back to school till next wednesday! ^_^ thank god for mum planning this holiday!! :) well wont be on for a while! :)

Day: 1

:’( gotta go back to hell tomorrow (school) after being suspened for yelling at someone -_- seriously school?! Yelling at someone -_- the truth behind it is i actually stuck up for myself for once.. This gurl i dislike wa saying stuff about me when i walked past her. I heard the words: bitch and freak and felicity. Then pointed at me and laughed. All her friends laughed to. I froze, took a deap breath, and turned around. IF U HAVE SOMTHING TO SAY ABOUT ME SAY IT TO MY FRIGGEN FACE!!! I yelled at her.. Then she told on m eand got all her friends to say that i kicked her… And since i have no friends and i had no one with me, no one stuck up for me. Now i have to go back there…

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